Dear Friends:

Happy New Year and Happy Chinese New Year of the Rat! On behalf of Auchel World/ Grand Prospects Financial and Insurance Services, it is with great pleasure that I wish you all a new year full of health, happiness and success!

Looking back on 2019, it has been a very meaningful year to the development process of our company. In this past year, we have encountered challenges, grew business, and made huge achievements. Given the context in which the global economy is slowing down and “Brexit” still impacts the European Union and the United Kingdom, the ongoing China-US trade dispute has further increased the risk and uncertainty for American and Chinese high net-worth individuals to invest in the United States. Furthermore, from the closure of countless retailer and department stores to the restructure of numerous financial and insurance companies, it has become apparent that Al, or artificial intelligence, has begun to affect the traditional operations of retail, financial, and insurance industries. Yet the single most impactful change remains that, at the end of 2019, all US insurance companies updated and adjusted their products according to the most recent 2017 CSO table. In response to the changes and challenges of the macro and micro economy, we have conducted comprehensive deployment and professional training in a timely and effective manner. Despite the challenges, all of our colleagues withstood the pressure, actively updated their knowledge, and made corresponding adjustments. With their continued hard work, they have all performed in an outstanding manner for our company!

The year 2020 is the start of the next decade and also signifies a new beginning, on which our company’s theme of the New Year, ‘A Whole New World’; is based on. As professionals serving in the financial and insurance industries, we felt an unprecedented sense of crisis from the rapidly shifting finance/insurance landscape, but we still believe that the particularity of this industry makes it difficult to be replaced. We listen meticulously to customers’ demands and provide customized solutions designed for their specific needs, a process that cannot be substituted by any other form at present, or even in the next few decades! In our Whole New World, we know that we will face new challenges, seize new opportunities, and achieve new goals, but what is not going to change is that we always strive for the best interests for our clients and provide the most attentive services they desire. While continuing to provide our customers with comprehensive and diversified financial insurance plans, including tax planning, education funding, and retirement plans, we will maintain focus on the life insurance for high net-worth clients, wealth transfer, and global asset a/location segments, and strive to do better in the new year!

It is deeply rooted in our hearts that our company’s development and success could never be achieved without the strong support and trust from every single one of you. We are extremely honored to work with top US finance and insurance companies, professional partners from multiple fields, and dedicated company colleagues. Here, I once again represent Auchel World/ Grand Prospects Financial and Insurance Services to wish you a happy New Year! We sincerely invite all friends and colleagues to move on with us, experience the new 366 days together, witness the new 366 miracles together, and create the new 366 brilliances together!

Haidi Huang, CLU, ChFC, CLTC