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MDRT Performance Sponsor

As the only U.S-based sponsor and only general agency sponsor for 2018 MDRT Annual Meeting Events, Auchel World/Grand Prospects Financial and Insurance services are glad to announce our three years (2018-2020) strategic partnership and relationship with MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table).

As one of the biggest general agency in U.S., Auchel World/Grand Prospects Financial and Insurance Services grows and safeguards clients’ assets through sound financial planning and confidential privacy while retaining clients’ control. Our plans help protect family rights and focus on growing and transferring wealth. We are highly specialized in many financial solutions with access to a global network of professionals that understand clients’ most complicated and pressing situations.

Our Mission

Auchel World/Grand Prospects Financial & Insurance is an organization specializing in full ranged financial products and services. With an impressive portfolio of financial insurance products, we offer innovative solutions, many of which are not available in local markets, to high net-worth clients. With over 30 years of knowledge, advanced expertise and experience in the business, Auchel World/Grand Prospects Financial & Insurance provides financial planning and consulting to clients. We offer premier access to the world’s leading financial institutions and insurers in U.S. By working with attorneys, CPAs, and other financial professionals, Auchel World/Grand Prospects Financial & Insurance implements custom financial strategies that prepare our clients for the future. Let us provide you with an integrated and personalized approach that will help you achieve your financial goals. Excellent service and a sound financial plan is what Auchel World/Grand Prospects Financial & Insurance is all about. 

Specialized Expertise and Coverage

Company Profile

We dreamed the impossible and reached the unreachable. For the last three decades, Auchel World/Grand Prospects Financial & Insurance has revolutionized financial and insurance planning for global clients. Our vast knowledge and expansive network allows us to offer solutions to even the most complex financial problems. Auchel World/Grand Prospects Financial & Insurance is headquartered in Los Angeles with branch offices in Houston, Dallas, Chicago, Seattle and New York.

Family Foundation, Wealth Transfer

Family Foundations, mainly funded by multiple family members, usually has three forms, Family Industrial Foundation, Family Protection Foundation and Family Charity Foundation. Family Foundations include more than just one service and can also include, but not limited to, health, wealth management and children’s education to produce a series of effective solutions. Throughout this process the ultimate goal of wealth maximization is achieved while simultaneously preserving and passing down wealth inheritance from one generation to the next.

Highest Quality, Specialized Service

Highest Quality, Specialized Service: Family Offices have become the primary choice of wealthy families for managing their family foundations and wealth transfer. Family offices are more involved from financial consulting to personal family services planning. Auchel World/Grand Prospects Financial & Insurance prides itself on providing the most excellent service. We are well known for meeting our clients’ financial and insurance planning needs in a comfortable atmosphere and timely, efficient manner. Come discover why Auchel World/Grand Prospects Financial & Insurance is #1 in client satisfaction.

Elite Team, At Your Service

Auchel World/Grand Prospects Financial & Insurance’s network spans over two decades from North America to Asia. We are partners with the world’s largest and most prominent financial institutions and hold very strong, long-term relationships with them. This allows us to work more closely with key decision makers and arrive at the desired result more quickly and efficiently.

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