Happy New Year of the Rabbit.  On behalf of Auchel World/Grand Prospects Financial and Insurance, we wish our friends, partners, financial advisors, insurance agents, our colleagues and their families a wonderful happy new year full of affluence, prosperity and tremendous success.

While we are welcoming the year of the Rabbit, we still remember that back to the beginning of 2020, we were ready for the next level of accomplishments.  And unexpectedly the pandemic hit the world intensely; we had to admit the impact was harsh and critical.  Regardless of the downturn, we had been effectively implementing our core value of “Innovation, Integration, and Motivation” into our business.  In 2021, our performance was outpacing within the fields of financial and insurance business, while perfectly adapting to the pandemic.

2022 was the first year of the post-pandemic.  Inflation was intensifying due to the quantitative easing policy, supply chain issue and other political factors taking place in the past two years.  The US Federal Reserve and other central banks around the world were adopting strategies to raise interest rates, and accordingly trigger the rate climb in a short period of time.  Consequently, the anxieties about the future of the economy were provoked as an effect.  Following the pandemic, the IT industry started to lay off their workforce.  At the same time, the overall employment situation showed a labor shortage and most of the service industries suffered difficulties in hiring entry level employees.

2022 was also a challenging year for the financial and insurance industries.  Operating transformations were significant and visible.  Capital market was tossing to battle the decline.    In facing the challenges during the post-pandemic era, we focused on business integration and development by fulfilling the theme of “Stand-by-me” in 2022, and strong performance was sustained.  We are so excited that we are still on top of the market share, our domestic business has reached a record high, and of course our efforts on the foreign national business have always prevailed.  Our variety marketing strategies including Social Media had made significant effects and breakthroughs.  We have also innovatively projected the training programs, so that all partners can learn and improve at a newer level.

Looking forward to 2023, it is heading to be a year full of opportunities. Since inflation is still at a high level, even the interest rate hikes are in progress.   However, as the risk of recession becomes more visible and the interest rates are regulated, the costs of various assets such as stocks and real estate will eventually bottom out and will steer in a new ascending cycle.  Coupled with the recent quarantine lift in Asia, recovery of the global economy is positive.  As for the global population aging issues, the demand for long-term care, annuity and life insurance we represent, will continue to climb.  These products are generally one of the most practical tools used in today’s financial planning.  The financial and insurance industry in 2023 has excellent development prospects, and this provides us with absolute advantages and opportunities in a unique market.

The fear of recession and uncertainties is still a prevalent subject in 2023.  Auchel World will maintain the corporate culture “Go Deep” and “Be Precise”, optimize training content, improve service quality, explore cooperation resources, and provide ultimate support to our partners, financial advisors and insurance agents.  Our concentration will be centered in global asset allocation, wealth transfer, tax planning, business continuation, education funds and retirement plans. This is the connotation of the current year’s theme “Together, we are stronger” and the extension of the mission and theme of our company.

Auchel World will continue to advance and to progress with you, reaching to the next opportunity for a brilliant chapter in 2023!


Haidi Huang CLU, ChFC, CLTC



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