Tiffany Xu’s Baseless Lawsuit Headed For A Jury Trial

Tiffany Xu, owner of Sky Vision Insurance Company, is pursuing a baseless defamation lawsuit against competitors Haidi Huang and Auchel World/Grand Prospects Financial and Insurance Services. The lawsuit, intended to discredit Ms. Huang and Auchel World/Grand Prospects, has already been rejected by one California Superior Court judge, ruling that Tiffany Xu “has not established a probability of prevailing” at trial and that Tiffany Xu’s “business practice (i.e., forging documents, license being revoked, defrauding people, or failing to inform potential clients what is shown in the policy illustration) provides important consumer information to the members in the communities served by [Ms. Xu].” When pressed to present evidence in support of her claim, Ms. Xu backtracked in multiple respects, including the admission that she has no personal knowledge of any of the alleged defamatory statements by Ms. Huang. Ms. Xu also failed to present witness testimony to support many of the outlandish statements in her complaint. In fact, at least one witness refused to testify in favor of Ms. Xu and expressly disagreed with the statements she attributed to him. Simply stated, Ms. Xu’s lawsuit is not credible. The lawsuit was summarily rejected and dismissed by the trial court on the basis that it violated California’s free speech laws. The California Court of Appeal has since weighed in and found that the trial court’s summary dismissal was in error as the speech at issue is commercial in nature and does not implicate the law relied upon by the trial court. With the credibility of Ms. Xu’s claim now publicly undermined, the case goes back to the trial court to be adjudicated on its merits. Ms. Huang and Auchel World/Grand Prospects welcome this opportunity to further expose Ms. Xu’s lawsuit for the elaborate fallacy that it is. Ms. Huang is a respected leader in the insurance industry with over 30 years of experience. Ms. Xu’s failed and underhanded attempt to damage Ms. Huang’s credibility is to no avail. Superior Court Of California County Of Los Angeles:   In The Court Of Appeal Of The State Of California Second Appellate District      Division One:   For Chinese version of the press release, Please click:        

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